Born in Durban, but raised in the south coast town of Amanzimtoti, I grew up fishing with my stepdad and brother on Toti Rocks. At age 10 I discovered body boarding, even though most of my school mates were surfing. Body boarding was different and growing in popularity fast, Dairymaid had sponsored posters of legendary waterman Mike Stewart at Massive Pipe getting barreled. All I ever wanted to do was get barreled. Hell, all I ever want to do now is get barreled, hopefully I will get my first stand up barrel in the near future.

In 2002 I was offered a club cricket contract in “Pommie” land. I decided to purchase a 35mm SLR to document my cricketing journey. Needless to say I had no idea what I was doing with my new little toy and when I got my first roll of film back the pictures looked nothing like what I had seen in the magazines nor what I had pictured in my head. I was annoyed to say the very least, but I became obsessed.

With no cash for lessons and a 35mm SLR book that my beautiful and very understanding girlfriend (now fiancé and mother to our sons Reece & Grayson) Wendy purchased for me, I started reading and shooting. The rest as they say is history.

I have already been fortunate enough to shoot a variation of photography genres: Weddings, Models, Families, Babies, Nudes, Landscape, Boudior, Wildlife and Internal Architecture to name a few. However, my heart belongs to sports photography. For me it’s a privilege and a challenge to capture an athlete performing at top level, especially those who ride the waves.

To watch a surfer of any kind, in performance waves or solid swell, is an art form, a fluid motion unfolding right in front of your eyes. The wave as your canvas, while the rider your artist. Each wave different from the next, each rider unique in their motion, the possibilities become endless.

My photography is influenced by the likes of: Tim Mckenna (Surfing), Alan van Gysen (Surfing), Charlie Waite (Landscape), Joe Mcnally (People Portraiture) and Clark Little (Water)

I have to thank Wendy my fiancée for all her continuous support. She is my biggest critique as well as my biggest supporter. Thank you, I love you. To my best mate Darren Halse for constantly pushing me in and out of the water, Pierre Tostee, AVG and finally John Mcarthy for all your guidance and the opportunities you have given me.



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